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Writing Center FAQs

Who is welcome?
All NCC students who want assistance with the writing process are encouraged to make an appointment with a writing consultant.

What happens here?
One-to-one conferencing on:  topic choice, focus, organization development, grammar and style.  Also, conferencing can focus on research papers, technical reports and other projects.

How can I access it?
Visit the Academic Advising Center, Room 99, to sign-up for a 30-minute appointment.

Who is on the staff of the Writing Center?
The Writing Center is staffed by experienced English instructors.

When should I use the Writing Center?
As soon as you have been given a writing assignment by any professor or you want to brainstorm a topic; come in and schedule an appointment.

What should I bring to my appointment?
Come prepared with the assignment and course syllabus.  Bring a completed Writing Center conference form which you will get when you sign-up for an appointment.  If you have already completed some brainstorming, bring your notes and any outlines you have begun.

Can I drop my paper off at the Center and pick it up after the consultant edits it?
Part of the visit to the Center is to learn more about the writing process and how you can improve as a writer.  It is important for you to interact and participate in the review and editing process:  therefore you cannot simply drop your paper off.

Is there a fee for using the Writing Center?
No.  The Writing Center is free-of-charge for enrolled NCC students.