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Program Overview

What is the Honors Program?

The Honors Program provides a supportive intellectual environment that encourages creative and critical thinking and varied opportunities to expand academic, cultural and social horizons. Honors participants take small discussion-oriented seminars that satisfy general education requirements through exposure to innovative and challenging curricula.

  • Specialized enriched curriculum taught by outstanding faculty 

  • Interaction with a talented community of scholars 

  • Small classes (15 students or fewer) 

  • Extraordinary opportunities for research and publication

  • Honors distinction on the NCC transcript and diploma

  • Enhanced prospects of acceptance to four year colleges and universities

  • Scholarship opportunities

Honors Seminars

New and exciting Honors Seminars are always in the works! The list below is subject to change.
(All seminars apply to General Education Requirements)

  • HONN110: Honors Expository Writing

  • HONN117: Honors The Environment in Chemical Perspective

  • HONN130: Honors Ancient Greek Philosophy

  • HONN 260C: Honors Humor in Literature

  • HONN210: Honors Calculus I

  • HONN260B: Honors Introduction to Chinese Culture and Society

  • HONN260A: Honors Movies and Social History of the USA

  • HONN250: Honors Advanced Creative Writing

Students who wish to take Honors courses without participating in the full Honors program may do so if they meet Honors Program eligibility requirements. Contact an academic advisor or the Honors Program coordinator for more details.

Contact Information

Steve Meidell
Honors Program Coordinator
(603) 882-6923, HHS Room
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.