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Honors Program

A non-degree program open to qualified students in all majors

Enrolling in most Honors courses at NCC does not require application to the Honors Program.  Please see your advisor or the Honors Program Coordinator for more information about taking Honors courses.

Note:  New students who qualify for Honors courses but who elect to enroll n the first semester may still be considered for Honors coursework at a later time.  The same applies to admission to the full Honors Program.

Students who wish to participate in full Honors Program must submit a completed application to the Admissions Office.  Honors courses completed successfully prior to acceptance into the Honors Program will count toward the total honors credits needed to graduate with the Honors Program designation, and grades earned in such courses will be factored into the Honors Program GPA and grade maintenance standards outlined below.

The Honors Program is open to all new and continuing NCC students whether part-time or full-time.  The Honors Program has established the following general criteria for admission:

1.  Be a high school graduate or GED recipient AND

  • Have earned the following minimum SAT scores:  English score of 550 and Writing score of 8 OR

  • Have earned the following minimum Accuplacer scores:  Reading 95, Writing 6, Sentence Skills 95.


2.  Be a current NCC student, have earned at least 12 credits of college-level work with at least 6 credits in General Education courses, and have earned a minimum cumulative GPA or 3.30 OR

3.  Be a transfer student from another college/university, have earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.30, and have transferred at least 12 credits of college-level work with at least 6 credits in General Education courses OR

4.  Be a transfer student who has completed 6 credits in another college's honors program with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.20 (the minimum GPA required of NCC Honors Program students to maintain program status).

To apply, the student must complete the following requirements:

  • Complete an application form available from the Admissions Office or from the Honors Program Coordinator

  • Provide two letters of reference from faculty members, academic counselors, or others who are qualified to comment on the applicant's abilities and potential to succeed in the NCC Honor Program

  • Write an essay explaining why he/she should be accepted into the Honors Program.  The essay form is included in the Honors Program application materials.


  • To remain in the Honors Program, students must maintain an overall cumulative GPA of 3.20.

  • Students are allowed one semester of Honors probation.

  • During the semester of Honors probation, students must raise their overall GPA to a minimum of 3.20.

  • Students not meeting the overall minimum 3.20 GPA at the end of the probationary semester may be withdrawn from the Honors Program.

To graduate with the Honors Program designation, students must have:

1.  Applied and been accepted into the Honors Program

2.  Successfully completed a minimum of 15 credits of Honors coursework, including:

  • At least one Honors Learning Community

  • Honors Senior Seminar

  • Honors Capstone Experience

3.  Achieved:

  • A minimum grade of B- in each Honors course AND

  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.20 in the degree program AND

  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.20 in Honors coursework.



HONN117 Honors Environmental Science 3 1 4
HONN110 Honors Expository Writing 4 0 4
HONN270 Honors Learning Community 6 0/1 6/7
*HONN130 Honors Ancient Greek Philosophy 3 0 3
Previous Offerings for HONN260 Topics in Honors Seminar include:
*HONN260A Introduction to Chinese Culture & Society 3 0 3
HONN260B Humor in Literature & Other Media 3 0 3

*Prerequisite or Co-requisite: HONN 110 or ENGN 101 and permission of the Honors Program Coordinator or Admissions into the Honors Program.