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tlc-people-pyramidOne-to-One Tutoring
at the Learning Commons

Tutoring... Your Learning Support!

The Tutoring and Writing Center at Nashua Community College acknowledges and promotes student responsibility and accountability for his/her education. Tutoring provides students an opportunity to seek needed assistance for their coursework.




The responsibilities of NCC student-tutees are to:

  • Complete their work to the best of their ability by utilizing class notes, textbook, videos and other resources prior to tutoring
  • Contact the course instructor for additional assistance
  • Maintain regular class attendance in subject area that is being tutored



STEP ONE: Complete a Request a Tutor Form

STEP TWO: Wait for the Coordinator of Tutoring Services to review the Request and locate a tutor, usually within one week.*

STEP THREE: Begin - you will work with your tutor until you no longer need one.

*Matching schedules with a tutor may take more than one week.  Not all subjects are offered for tutoring.