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Business Administration: Management

Day/Evening Program

business_studiesThe mission of the Department of Business and Technology at Nashua Community College is to provide a variety of degrees and professional certificates that respond to the needs of local and regional employers, while maintaining academic integrity.  Degrees, certificates, and courses are designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn skills, theories, and practices that prepare students to be successful in business endeavors.  Additionally, degrees, certificates, and courses are designed to fulfill the academic requirements to allow students to transfer into a variety of bachelor degree programs. 

The Associate in Science in Business Administration curriculum with a concentration in Management offers a mix of applied and theoretical courses. The objective of the program is to provide the knowledge students will need for successful business careers.

The program has been designed to expose the student to broad business applications including; accounting, marketing, management and comprehensive computer courses which give the management student valuable skills in this growing field.

Business Management graduates are prepared for immediate career entry into the challenging fields of:

  • Wholesaling/Distribution
  • Retailing
  • Sales
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Management-trainee positions in business and industry
  • Manufacturing

For the student looking to pursue an education beyond the Associate Degree, this concentration is designed for easy transfer to Bachelor degree programs.

Associate in Science in Business Administration: Management
ACCN101 Financial Accounting I 4 1 4
BUSN101 Introduction to Business 3 0 3
BCPN101 Computer Technology and Applications 2 2 3
ENGN101 College Composition 4 0 4
LEXN101 First Year Experience 1 0 1
ACCN102 Accounting II 4 0 4
BUSN110 Principles of Management 3 0 3
General Education: Group B Elective 4 0 4
General Education: Group C Elective 3 0 3
General Education: Group E Elective* 3 0 3
ECON201 Microeconomics 3 0 3
BUSN230 Introduction to MIS 3 0 3
ACCN210 Managerial Accounting 3 0 3
BCPN119 Software Applications 2 2 3
ENGN109 Oral Communication 3 0 3
General Education: Group F or G Elective 3 0 3
ECON202 Macroeconomics 3 0 3
BUSN240 Business Law 3 0 3
BUSN204 Small Business Management 3 0 3
BUSN201 Human Resources Management 3 0 3
BUSN290 Management/Small Business Entrepreneurship Internship OR 1 8 3
XXXxxx Open Elective** 3 0 3
Total 66 Credits
*MTHN106, MNTH110 is recommended
**Consult with advisor
Program Outcomes