BCPN101 Introduction to Computers 2 2 3
MTTN101 Manufacturing Processes 3 0 3
CADN131 Technical Drawing 2 2 3
ENGN109 Oral Communication 3 0 3
ENGN101 College Composition 4 0 4
MTHN103 Topics in Applied College Mathematics 3 0 3
SCIN150 Physical Science I  4 0 4
BUSN101 Introduction to Business 3 0 3
Total Credits 26
Gainful Employment Disclosure Statement


For more information contact:   

Jonathan Mason
TAACCCT Grant Project Coordinator Nashua Community College

Phone: (603) 882-6923 x1763
Cell: (603) 717-1490


Criminal Justice Studies CertificateCRJN

This certificate is designed to prepare students for careers in Law Enforcement, the Court System, or Corrections. In addition, graduates of the certificate program may continue their education in undergraduate programs in Criminal Justice, Criminology or Homeland Security.

For those already in service the program provides professional development for career advancement purposes. Students with a certificate in Criminal Justice qualify for employment in city, county, and state criminal justice agencies, and in the rapidly-growing private industrial security field.

 Gainful Employment Disclosure Statement

Fall Semester 
ENGN101 College Composition 4 0 4
BCPN101 Computer Technology and Application 3 0 3
CRJN101 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 0 3
CRJN102 Criminology 3 0 3
SOCN101 Introduction to Sociology 3 0 3
 Credits 16


Spring Semester 
ENGN109 Oral Communications 3 0 3
MHTN108 Contemporary Mathematics 3 0 3
CRJN121 Criminal Investigations 3 0 3
CRJN122 Law Enforcement Organizations 3 0 3
PSYN101 Introduction to Psychology 3 0 3

Credits 15

Total 31 credits

Please note that dropping from a required program course may mean that the student will be out of sequence in program course offerings which may delay graduation. Students who begin the program in the spring semester or who need developmental course support should recognize that it may take longer to complete the program.

It is also important to note that many protective services careers have health and fitness requirements as well as other specific expectations. Individuals who have had difficulty with the law depending upon the nature of the problem may not be employable. Applicants who have any questions should discuss their concerns with an advisor prior to enrolling in this program.



Early Childhood Education

Certificate Outcomes

Upon the completion of the Early Childhood Education Certificate, graduates will be able to:

  1. Use their knowledge and understanding of the young child’s development to provide opportunities and environments that support the physical, social, emotional, language, cognitive, and creative development and learning of children birth through age eight.
  2. Understand, respect, and value the need for supportive relationships with the families of young children in relationship to the child’s development and learning.
  3. Understand and mindfully assist in and use informal and formal observation, documentation and assessment strategies and techniques to plan and individualize the learning environment, curriculum and teacher interactions and practices for young children.
  4. Assist in the establishment and maintenance of positive and supportive relationships with young children in an environment that has been designed to be a physically, cognitively, emotionally, and psychologically respectful and healthy learning environment for all young children.
  5. Demonstrate college level proficiency in the skills of written and verbal communication. 


Machine Tool Technology CNC Programming Certificate

machineDay/Evening Progam

This certificate will prepare students to become machine operators in the machine tool industry. The courses involved in this certificate program can be applied to the CNC diploma or the Associate Degree in Advanced Machine Tool Technology.

Prerequisite: Placement Test Score equivalent to MTHN099 or successful completion MTHN097.



In addition to the general admission requirements, the applicant should be aware of the following criteria:

  1. An aptitude in mathematics is beneficial.

  2. Good skills in written English are required.

 Gainful Employment Disclosure Statement

MTTN101 Manufacturing Processes 3 0 3
MTTN111 Machine Tool Processes I 3 9 7
MTHN110 Algebra and Trigonometry 4 0 4
MTTN122 Machine Tool Processes II 3 9 7
CADN131 Technical Drawing 2 3 3
MTTN123 Principles of CNC 2 3 3
MTTN231 Advanced MTP and Theory I 3 9 7
MTTN223 Computer Aided MFR 2 3 3
General Education:  Group B Elective 4 0 4
MTTN232 Advanced MTP and Theory II 3 9 7
Total 48 Credits