Jocelyn Fulford, Electronic Engineering Technology, Class of '17

JocelynProfileWeb“It’s not that hard,” Jocelyn said of tackling college-level courses while in high school. “Everyone thinks college is super hard and super tough,” she said, adding while classes are challenging, “It is super fun.”

At first, Jocelyn said she was a “little nervous” about taking college-level classes and working alongside older students. However, she said she found a good community at NCC. “The other students were like ‘cool, welcome to the club,’” Jocelyn said, “I made a ton of friends here. Everywhere I went, it felt like a fun and relaxing and exciting place to be. I liked hanging out here. It felt like a good community.”

After graduation, Jocelyn moved on to UNH Manchester to study electrical engineering; something she began here at NCC. For her capstone project, Jocelyn created a cat-activated motion detector that opens the bathroom door when her cat is locked out. “It allows her to have access to the bathroom when I’m away—it was a complete success!”

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