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Paralegal Studies

Evening Program

paralegalThe Paralegal Studies Program provides students with the education and training necessary to seek and begin career as a paralegal. Under the supervision of a lawyer, paralegals will: Gather background information; interview clients and witnesses; perform legal research and writing; draft legal documents and contracts; and assist attorneys in preparing for court and at trial.*

For the student looking to pursue an education beyond the Associate degree, this program is designed to provide transferability to bachelor degree programs.

All paralegal courses at Nashua Community College are taught by experienced attorneys. In all paralegal specialty courses, the students will not only be taught the essential knowledge of the law, but will also be given the practical knowledge necessary for employment and success as a paralegal.

For the Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives of the Paralegal Studies Program at Nashua Community College, please click here:  Paralegal Studies Program - Mission, Goals & Objectives

Nashua Community College is a Sustaining Member of the Paralegal Association of New Hampshire (

A criminal conviction may preclude employment as a paralegal. A criminal record check may be required for the Paralegal Internship and/or employment by the organization, law firm, or government agency, and which is the sole responsibility of the student.


*Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public except as permitted by law.

To be successful in the Paralegal Studies Program, students should have an interest in the law, must be diligent and committed to their studies, be dependable, have good communication skills, be well-organized; or be willing and able to develop all these skills and qualities. 

ACCN101 Financial Accounting I 4 1 4
PLSN101 Basic Legal Studies (1st half semester) 3 0 3
PLSN102 Legal Research and Writing (2nd half semester) 3 0 3
BCPN101 Computer Technology and Applications 2 2 3
ENGN101 College Composition 4 0 4
LEXN101 First Year Experience 1 0 1
ENGN103 Professional Writing & Presentations 3 0 3
PLSN230 Contracts and Business Organizations (1st half semester) 3 0 3
PLSN250 Family Law (2nd half semester) 3 0 3
PSYN130 Human Relations 3 0 3
General Education: Group E Elective* 4 0 4
ENGN109 Oral Communication 3 0 3
PLSN210 Litigation & Trial Preparation 3 0 3
PLSN220 Real Estate Law 3 0 3
HISN241 American Constitutional History 3 0 3
BCPN119 Software Applications 2 2 3
General Education: Group F** or G*** Elective 3 0 3
PLSN240 Probate, Estates & Trusts 3 0 3
PLSN260 Criminal Law 3 0 3
PLSN290 Paralegal Internship and Seminar  - OR -
1 8 3
PLSN280 Paralegal Capstone 3 0 3
General Education: Group B**** Elective 3 0 3
Total 64 Credits
*MTHN106, MTHN110 or MTHN115 are recommended
**HUMN110, 230, or 109 recommended
*** Any language recommended
****SCIN120 3 credits; or SCIN111 (lab) 4 credits recommended
Program Outcomes