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Computer Networking Certificate

networkingDay/Evening program

This certificate is designed to present a package of skills that would enable someone to perform basic entry-level work in the IT field.  It begins with setting up and maintaining the computers and software needed by end users.  Those skills are extended by learning to provide resources through Windows and Linux servers.  The three networking courses deal with designing, implementing, and supporting the underlying communications between the end users and the servers.  All the skills for Cisco CCNA certification are included.

Gainful Employment Disclosure Statement

CPTN101 PC Assembly/Operating Systems 2 3 3
CPTN205 Networking Basics 2 2 3
CPTN215 Routing Fundamentals 2 2 3
CPTN225 Intermediate Networking 3 3 4
CPTN105 Internet Server Management 2 2 3
CPTN203 Introduction to UNIX 2 2 3
CPTN204 Administering Windows Servers 2 2 3
Total Credits 22