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How to register for a CLEP Exam at NCC:

Next CLEP test is scheduled for March 19, 2015 at 10:00AM.  Please contact Lisa Yorio at 578-8987 to sign up for the test.

Anyone wishing to register for a CLEP exam would log onto and register via the My Account feature.  Payment for the exam is presently $80.00 and is made at the time of registration through My Account. You will be issued a registration ticket after paying for an exam. 

After you receive this ticket, you may then contact Nashua Community College and sign up for a specific date to test.  You will be asked for the Voucher number that is written on your registration ticket-so please have the ticket handy when you call.  Please bring your registration ticket with you on the day of the exam with two forms of identification.  One must be a photo and the other must have your signature. Our center charges a $25.00 fee to administer the exam which is paid on the date of the test.