Nashua Community College wants to offer you a choice in how you get your refund. We know you want your money fast, and you want it your way. Take a look at the choices we offer below. Getting your refund couldn’t be easier or more convenient!

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Direct deposit is quick and easy. When choosing this
method, simply provide your bank account information and we’ll deposit your refund directly into that account.

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We’re proud to offer the choice to have your refund loaded to your existing prepaid card. We can load a refund to any reloadable card.

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You may also choose to receive a paper check. We’ll take care of it all for you, ensuring you get your refund quickly
and efficiently.

TO REGISTER TO RECEIVE YOUR REFUND: Simply log in to your student account at, click on Sign Up for Electronic Refunds to select how you want to receive your refund, and fill in the necessary information. If you are due a refund, we will send it to you using the option you selected. It’s never been easier to get your refund, and your choices have never been greater!

If you have any questions about this new process, contact NCC Bursar's Office by calling 603-578-8902 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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This leading-edge refunds solution is offered in conjunction
with Nelnet Business Solutions, a leading provider of campus
commerce and payment plans for higher education.

phil-croceI AM NCC

Phil Croce knew he would probably end up at Nashua Community College after high school. Still, it was a reality check when he was about to graduate from Alvirne High in Hudson and began thinking of applying to colleges.

“I realized I had to do something,” Croce said. “And I didn’t wow anybody with my high school grades.”

Croce applied to one four-year college and was not accepted. So, he followed in the footsteps of his brother Mickey, who went from Nashua CC to UMass Lowell for his bachelor’s degree to the University of Rochester for his master’s degree. He is now working for one of the Big Four international audit firms.

“My parents’ plan all along was send me to Nashua CC because it worked out so well for my brother,” Phil said. “It was a fresh start and I am so thankful for that.”

Phil graduated from NCC with a 3.96 grade point average and had a choice of colleges to choose from. He ended up going to Johns Hopkins, where he is now a senior pursuing a degree in neuroscience. He plans to go to medical school.


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I AM NCCjulie

Julie Nigro had jobs all her life; she was looking for a career. So, in her 50s and in between jobs, Nigro decided to go back to college.

“I had college credits, but no degree,” Nigro said. “Something told me it was time to get one.”

Nigro began taking classes at Nashua Community College and earned an Associate of Science degree in Human Services. She is now a case manager and part of the support staff at Harbor Homesof Nashua.

Harbor Homes is a non-profit community-benefit organization that provides low-income, homeless and disabled people in New Hampshire with affordable housing, primary and behavioral health care, employment and job training, and supportive services. Nigro decided that she wanted to work with homeless population from her studies at NCC.

She was connected with Harbor Homes through the college’s internship program and it led to a job.

 Check that. It led to a career.






Justin-byrdI AM NCC

Electrical engineering is about taking a systematic approach to a project. You don’t just wing it. It is that methodical and organized train of thought that attracted Justin Byrd of Merrimack to the field.

Byrd, 19, is about to complete work on an Associate of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology at Nashua Community College. He even has a full-time job lined up with BAE Systems. Tuition re-imbursement will allow him to continue working toward a bachelor’s degree.

It seems all very well thought out. You could call it methodical.

It wasn’t.

“I didn’t think something like this was possible going to a community college,” Byrd said. “I wasn’t even sure what I wanted to do.”

What Byrd did know is that he was intrigued by circuit design and the ability to analyze and solve complex technical problems in the electronics industry. He is also going to be graduating with a degree that the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Statistics reports is one of the top 10 best paying jobs for individuals with an associate degree.



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I AM NCClindsay

Life changes quickly when you are told you are going to lose your job. And your husband gets the same news at the same time. And you have two young children.

That’s what happened to Lindsey and Seth Hin in 2013. Both were working at the same company in Hudson when they were informed the company was closing its facility and relocating. Seth Hin was fortunate; the company that moved into the warehouse section where he worked hired him. He’s now a manager for that company.

Lindsey Hin went a different route. She took advantage of assistance from the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program to go back to school. She was not yet 30 and the mother of two young children, one not yet in school.

She was working as a customer service representative and said the timing was right to change career paths. She wanted to get into the medical field and knew she didn’t want to be a nurse or sit behind a desk. She found the massage therapy program at Nashua Community College and thought it was the right fit. It was close to her home in Nashua, cost efficient and allowed her the flexibility to take care of her children.

Hin will graduate from NCC this year with an Associate in Science in Massage Therapy.