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Nashua Community College has worked with Cross Insurance Company to offer a Student Blanket Accident Insurance Plan.  Please be aware this plan is an accident only plan. Here is a link to the brochure. You may also pick one up in the Admission’s Office, room 156.

We encourage students needing health insurance to review the Companies licensed to sell health insurance in NH at to identify a provider that best meets their needs.  The list includes companies that could provide either individual health insurance or short term (six months) health insurance.  Please note that NCC is providing this link as a resource to our students and it should not be view as an endorsement of any of the companies or their plans.  Government information on health insurance can be found at

Proof of health insurance is required for students enrolled in the Nursing Program and those who participate in athletic activities. Some additional College related activities may require proof of health insurance, which will be requested as needed.

Lizbeth Gonzales Vice President Student and Community Affairs

Academic Services

NCC offers top-quality technology infrastructure to students. Wireless Internet access is available throughout campus.

All students have access to support systems such as Academic Advising, The Academic Success Center, and The Walter Peterson Library to achieve their individual success.

Explore Amazing Today! We are here to help you succeed.

Register Now for Summer and Fall 2016 classes!

If you are in the Dual Admission program please register in the Advising Center.

Want to check out the courses first?

Click Here to view the Summer 2016 Schedule 

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Click Here to access the SIS course Schedule

How to Register Online:

  1. Select the MY NCC green button at the top right of the home page.

  2. Select the SIS button

  3. Enter Secure Area

  4. Enter your Easy log-in User Name and Password.

  5. Select Student

  6. Select Registration button

  7. Select Look up Classes

  8. Select Summer or Fall 2016 term

  9. Select Nashua CC under College

  10. You can look up classes by subject, instructor, course number or part of term

  11. When you find the course you want, scroll down to the bottom and add courses to the worksheet.  Then select the Register button.

How to Register for a CLEP Exam

The first step to take a CLEP exam is to log onto and register via the My Account feature. Payment for the exam is $80.00 and is made at the time of registration through My Account.  You will be issued a registration ticket after paying for the exam.

To sign up for the test at NCC, contact Pat Klein, 603-578-6817 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  You can also call the main phone number of the Academic Advising Center, 603-578-8906.  You will be asked for your ticket (voucher) number that is printed on your registration ticket. 

Bring the ticket with you the day of the exam along with identification that has your picture and signature.  This can be a driver’s license or a passport for example. NCC charges a $25.00 fee for administering the test which can be paid the day of the exam.

If you do not pass a CLEP test you must wait three months to take it again.


Our CLEP testing dates are listed on our Academic Advising Calendar

Our college awards credits to students who achieve a minimum score of 50 on the following tests:

College Composition

Introductory Business Law

French Language

Spanish Language

College Mathematics

College Algebra

History of the U.S. I

History of the U.S. II



Western Civilization I

Western Civilization II



Principles of Management

Natural Sciences



Introductory Psychology

Introductory Sociology

Financial Accounting I


Analyzing and Interpreting Literature

American Literature



Successful completion of a CLEP exam is treated as transfer credit. Students need to request their transcript be sent to NCC for review. This request is made during the test or by contacting the Collegeboard after.

CLEP tests are taken on the computer and score reports, for most tests, are available immediately after the test.

The CLEP official study guides with sample questions for exams is available through the Collegeboard website. 

Click Here for Live Chat Support >> 

Step by Step Registration Instructions

Mission Statement: advising-staffThe Nashua Community College Academic Advising Center team is committed to providing personalized, developmental academic advising to each individual student. Recognizing that advisors and students partner in the advising process, each shares responsibility in forming and sustaining the advising relationship.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If you have been accepted to NCC and would like to register for your classes, call or come in to the Advising Center to set up an appointment . Please let us know if you need an evening appointment.

The Academic Advising Center, located in Room 99, is designed to help students with registration, course and program changes, transfer options, and provide support to help students be successful.

Download a list of Faculty Advisors by Program

Job Search Services

Nashua Community College uses College Central Network as its official resume and job posting service. Local employers post jobs exclusively to our school via the CCN site. Students and alumni can create an account profile to:

  • Easily search and apply to local and national Full-time, Part-time, Internship/Co-op job opportunities
  • Create and upload your resume and career portfolio to make available to employers
  • Access event announcements, career advise documents, Podcasts, videos and articles

Search jobs posted at our 

Check out our online "Academic Advising Calendar of Events".


Contact Us | Feedback Form | icon-twitter

Call our office at (603) 578-8906 or reach a staff member directly:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Academic Advisor (603) 578-6817
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Academic Advisor (603) 578-8969
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Academic Advisor (603) 578-8987
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Secretary (603) 578-8906
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Clerk (603) 578-8906
  1. What is Academic Advising?
    Academic Advising is a partnership between a student and academic adviser. The intent of this partnership is to assist the student in developing and reaching meaningful educational goals based on personal interests, values and abilities.

  2. What should I know about my first semester? As with other changes you make in your life, attending college will require some adjustment and transition. If you are working you now have to juggle a job, classes, homework, family and life in general. Together with your academic adviser, you can explore some strategies for managing your new commitments along with your existing responsibilities.

  3. How do I find out who my Academic Adviser is?
    Sign in to Student Information Systems and select the Student tab, click on Student Records link and select MY ADVISER. You can contact the Advising Center if you have any questions.

  4. What can you expect from an adviser?
    Advising may involve helping you:

    • select an academic program
    • understand NCC processes and procedures
    • select and register for courses
    • add /drop a course
    • change your major
    • assistance with transfer to a four year institution
  5.  When do I register for classes?
    Dates for registration are published on the NCC website.

  6. What do I need to do to transfer to a four year college?
    Make an appointment to meet with your adviser to discuss transfer opportunities and the steps to take to insure a smooth transition. Look at the website for information on New Hampshire public and some private colleges and universities.

  7. How do I obtain an official copy of my transcript?
    To obtain an official transcript, you must complete an Authorization to Release a Transcript form and submit it to the Registrar's Office. You can request it through SIS.

Academic Success Center

nh_transfer.orgMany students decide to continue their education after graduating from NCC. If you are interested in transferring to a four year college or university, please speak with an academic advisor in the Advising Center.

Each fall, the Academic Advising Center hosts a Transfer Fair, and representatives from four-year colleges visit throughout the year.

Please see your Academic Advisor to discuss your pathways to transfer, including:

Franklin University

Granite State College

Keene State College


New England College

Plymouth State University

Rivier University

Student Success Mentor

Help Yourself Be the Best You Can BE!

Mission Statement - The mission of the Student Success Mentor at Nashua Community College is to assist CTE students in reaching their academic potential by developing the skills and strategies necessary to become confident, independent and active learners.

What is the role of a Student Success Mentor?

  • The Student Success Mentor at NCC assist students enrolled in a CTE program.

  • The Student Success Mentor will introduce you to available campus and community resources.

  • The Student Success Mentor will help you connect with instructors and campus departments to increase your academic success.

  • The Student Success Mentor will work together to establish realistic goals and successful study strategies.

What is the role of the student?

  • Maintain communication with your Instructors about your progress in the class.

  • If you find yourself struggling after communicating with your instructor, schedule a meeting with a Student Success Mentor and create a game plan!

  • Help yourself be THE BEST YOU CAN BE!

What is the role of the Instructor?

  • Instructors will identify struggling students.

  • Contact a Student Success Mentor to assist with support services.

  • Communicate with your student and report on their progress.

The Student Success Mentor connects you with the right support staff

  • Advising Center

  • Business Office

  • Disability Services

  • Faculty / Department Coordinators

  • Financial Aid

  • Community Programs And more!

What is the role of the support staff?

The staff at NCC is here to assist students in various areas of their academic journey and to support their success along the way.

As soon as you know you are struggling… take action!

Marisa Donati
CTE Student Success Mentor

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 603-578-6818 | Room 100 Academic Success Center

Available as walk-in or by appointment. Evening hours are available by appointment only.

Nashua Community College tutors are a valued component to the Tutoring and Writing Center! We recognize their distinct attributes and encourage individuality. Their unique assets allow the Tutoring Center to offer tutoring in a variety of subjects.

Do you have these qualities?

  • Approachable
  • Enthusiastic
  • Friendly
  • Patient
  • Respectful

Do you meet these criteria?

  • Free time to share
  • Grade point average of 3.0 or better
  • knowledgeable in subject area
  • Recommended by instructors
  • Willing spirit

Apply Today!

The Tutoring and Writing Center is open to accepting your application for tutoring at any time. We encourage students and community members to get involved by completing the appropriate application. This paid position is dependent on your availability and the number of tutor requests. We are happy to discuss this further. Contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Do you have the volunteer spirit? We want to hear from you, too!

Your role as a tutor is to reinforce classroom instruction. The NCC tutor’s role is to supplement classroom instruction but not to complete the students’ work, writing and/or examinations for them. Some of the responsibilities of a tutor are to:

  • Treat students respectfully
  • Uphold confidentiality of each student
  • Remind each student to come prepared with notes, textbook, and questions
  • Encourage the student to seek additional assistance from his/her instructor
  • Explain study skills relevant to the subject matter
  • Clarify concepts using textbook examples
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