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Student Loan Check...When Can You Expect It?

Loans require a student to have confirmed enrollment in 6 credits at the time funds are applied to student accounts. Enrollment in late start classes that have not begun is not considered confirmed.

What does this mean for me (examples)?

If you have 6 credits that began 5/27/14 and you have completed your loan requirements then your loan should be applied to your account around 7/8/14. Funds are not available to the student at this point. 

What happens after the loan is applied to my account?

The business office processes all the loans – this takes up to 14 days – and then sets up refunds for any students whose aid is higher than their bill. Checks are mailed to students from Concord, NH.  No direct deposit or pick up at any location is available.

How can I monitor my refund?

Please visit the Student Information System login page. Select the Student tab, then Student Records, then Account Summary, then By Term. When you see the loan applied to your account and “NCC Refund” showing then the check will be put in the mail within 14 days.

So what date should I look for a check?

Students not affected by late start classes can expect to receive a refund check the beginning of August.

Students affected by late start classes can expect to receive a refund check at the end of August.

IMPORTANT: If you drop a class(es), officially or unofficially, this may impact your loan eligibility as you must have confirmed enrollment of 6 credits at the time the loan is applied to student accounts.