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I used to be a student at Nashua Community College and I want to reapply

Apply for re-admission. If you have been away from the college for 3 consecutive semesters you need to reapply to the college. Follow the step below:

Apply for Admissions

      • Complete the application form, print and sign. Or, complete the online application form.
      • Mail the completed application with the required $20 non-refundable application fee (International student application fee:  $100) to:
        Admissions Office
        Nashua Community College
        505 Amherst Street
        Nashua, NH 03063
      • Submit evidence of high school graduation with an official transcript of grades, courses, and standardized testing or bring in your original high school diploma so that our office can photocopy it. (Please note: Scores on the SAT's are not required)
      • Submit evidence of the GED or equivalent
      • Submit an official transcript of grades and courses for all post-secondary institutions attended
      • High school and college transcripts are only considered official when it comes in a sealed envelope directly from the institution. If you pick it up by hand, do not open the envelope.


  1. Schedule an interview with a College Counselor(if required) 

  2. Present recommendations from a high school and/or employers (if required)

  3. Participate in Accuplacer Course Placement Assessment (when required)


Apply for Financial Aid